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"Chazie! I just listened to your album all the way through. it's ridiculous you freakishly talented so and so. you never have to go to class again. trust me. I'm a teacher." -Kooshya Sugarman, Teacher

"I love the album! I told my gf that I love her in techni-color, and she shed a tear. Serious TinG." - Ali Cornelius

"Your music is pretty amazing! Not sure what's going on career wise but keep at it. I fux with Songs from Away!! We gotta get you down here to Texas!"-Sais Yero

"I checked it out this morning. Nice job, especially considering you produced/recorded the music. To me, I like the 2nd half more. Hit me up if you have a show sometime. - DEVO SPRINGSTEEN (producer for Kanye West, John Legend, Consequence)

"Just listened to the album. That shit is Monstrously Epic. I don't know what the hell that means but its just that tight all the way through." - Mark Thompson



releases November 11, 2037

All Songs Produced, Written, and Recorded by ChazVanQueen (ASCAP) (unless noted)

Executived Produced by- ChazVanQueen, and Daniel Lynas

Album Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Lynas at

My performance is dedicated to Hakim "Dramadeus" Wilson, and "Grandma", Brenda P. Williams. Love you both



all rights reserved


CHAZMERE Bronx, New York


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Track Name: Song From Away/Aurora
Something always trying to break you
So they say everyday
See, the world around is not so kind
I give you my SONGS FROM AWAY
Hope you never, ever change
There's so little people like us
Never change, Rearrange, I hope.....

SomeONE always trying to break you
So they say everyday
See, the world around is not so kind
Listen to my SONGS FROM AWAY
Hope you never, ever change,
There's so little people like us
Track Name: StarStrucks
Mocha Frapa Venti
WTF am I drinking (STARSTRUCKS)
You ain't really studying (x2)(STARSTRUCKS)
WTF am I drinking
She paid $7.50 For a coffee up in (STARSTRUCKS)
Mocha Frapa Venti Latte WTF (STARSTRUCKS)
WTF am I drinking (STARSTRUCKS)
Big shades and small Books, Miami (STARSTRUCKS)

Ohene Verse 1
Ohene VErse 2

I try to serve Humbleaya Pie
but their fronting on my great
so heres so cocky cake
semen icing sticking to your plate
I had plenty of pineapples
now tell me how that taste
My gurl wants a chai Tea
Is this the place?
Can I sit or is it a 2 drink minimum to stay?
Whoa, this my new place
for them upper echelons
All I need is a LatteChino
and a book by Nelson George
This is Harlem, of course
Pardon me SOHA
Downtown I read David Sedaris
and drink Mocha (SKIM MILK!!)
I see now what all that hoopla is about
Put your pinky in the air and
Put it to your mouuuuuutthhh!
WHoa! Stop the hate a minute
Ray J Wait a minute
My girl bourgeois as shit
I can't complain a tid bit
If my life was a food I want
Organic All natural 2 percent
Fuck that dunkin donuts shit
Trying to live to 96
Grammy Lifetime Achievement
Drop ya 9 dollar coffee when I walk up in this bitch
You aint seen a star, you just seen a fuckin comet
Pardon a french, no pardon me, Pardon my English
I was pitching product like baseball advertisment
then I decided to mount my own dick and ride it (AY YOO)
and would you looky here, what did it lead to
executive produce dont let that job hold you
strike a star, homie!
Track Name: Return of Thumpalumpakiss
Sleep, rack up dreams in it
wake up with a goal I believe in it

parched, quench my thirst with chorus and verse
WU this TANG got C.R.E.A.M. in it!!!!!!!!!

the regions I leaving in
I say leaving cause living wasn't even it
almost had me believing that evil shit
channeled to us by these clowns, backed by noisy riffs
with cliches like more than music, its a movement
Since Reagan Moved out. these bitch Niggas moved in
Same ones so jealous of their girls, insecure
no comfort with the shoe he's in (uh huh)
He's a nine & a half in a six
He's my black brother trapped in a bitch
His applause muffled by "tisk tisk"
Calls it "hating", he's owed attention, were not paying
That's an episode we all missed
with alias like Fresh Prince
That never evolve to Will Smith
Don't mistake this for a verbal fuck you
this is a verbal "I Love You"
He's not heavy, he's my brother though

See we go out the same way
and we come in the same way
thus before I leave, I must live all my dreams
thats the only reason I sleep
Make more, wake up
take more chances take less for granted, Uh
To get big, you must realize how small you is
and hot damn it, Im as small as granite
so hand me that microphone
I through my ALIFE's on
Fuck all that insecure
Im'a just Sing my song
and this rental dont reverse
driving a hearse to the grass since birth
so im not stopping from 9 to 5 to work
cause that cant be real
cause I cant keep still
If life had a report card I'd see C's still
I need D's for real, that stands for "DO"
No L's on my score card, does that stand for LOSE?
Cause I just see U's..... W's (double U's)
Presently, Im past the future,
so your looking past the present as you view Him
And she has to do him
futuristic fly
give fellacio
call that ahead of her time
I don't rap, I don't rhyme
syncopated poetry
didn't know my history
used to call him OZIE
it's OSSIE
fuck reality TV
now I OD
on the culture they left for me
Whether Ovaltine, or Nikki GIovanni
Blindfold Kelis
ColorBlind Me
Im a moron, OXY
close your eyes, Watch me
Listening to Marcus Garvey
In that Masserati
Might Dance Like ya
but don't wear my pants like ya
not a fag, I'll pass
wont no man see my ass
How can you not feel that
this my OJ book
Like If I did Kill that
Please bring in the hook!

To describe it in one word is PROPANE
purchased by the gallons and engulfed in Flames
such a shame how your so bitter
Im secretly vain
call it PRO PAIN when I look up in the mirror
sun shades protect the Vis-ual
cause the me I see the reflection
provoke my own erection
back to the lesson
its okay to look up to some one your own age
if you read your future, see my past on the page
no! need to applaud god has personally praised
you can do it to, follow the path he dictates
No matter how hard I work,
more people wanna see me at my wake rest
than me at my Apex
Which tempts me not to practice safe sex,
though I've yet to meet a woman to best raise the nest
Can't find time while doing everything the best
Return of Thumalumpakiss.
Track Name: Jam Introspect
We're Moving way to fast for mistakes
So don't you make one
I came out here and fell in love
I think I slipped Up
Track Name: Falling 4 You
To the skies
but I couldn't hide
That my heart
has been kidnapped by the sky
You are color, and I am gray

Still I feel me Falling For You

Where my sunsets,
Your sun rises
Where you show your face
Im hiding
Where we feel like breaking
We just bend (We don't want this to end)
Over thinking
Fully Prepared
Never Ready

Still I feel me Falling For You

Often Times,
I drift through my mind
Let the wind take me somewhere I can Hide
And I wonder,
Why you stay

Still I feel me Falling, Everyday

It's so hard
to believe
in everything you tell me
cause it sounds
so sweet x3
We've been lied to before
and can't take
too much more
So please x3


Still I feel me Falling

I love you in Color....
Track Name: F'n Your Life Up!!
It was just vacation
you don't have to trip, love
It was just a trip though
we don't need vacation
you don't have the patience
I don't know the jargon
Hoes are so complacent
I don't water gardens

Here, my dear
you play ANNA, I'll play MARVIN
your older, I use it to my advantage
you should be smarter
You chose me,
i come with baggage
I am the artist
so kiss me, or ditch me
thats what I thought

Dont Go x9
I know

Your Life was better before I came
Sometime I think we stay together
just to prove we can stay
Yo, get your hand out me face
I out my hand on your waist
This is a fight and fuck relationship
Honey and Mace
& Those two don't mix
like two clits and no dick
I dont like to watch, I participate
Just because I said it
and you heard it cause she said it,
and its on the internet,
It Don't mean its TRUE!
Now what are you bout to do?
You bout to hang up the phone
for things you think are going on?
You being ridiculous
Im trying to be.....

Im coming to see you, see you
catch a cab to
Brooklyn if I have to, have to
Didn't ask you
Look, Im crossing Manhattan Bridge
10 more mintues
You can't end this
Im on eastern parkway
passing the museum
he's driving down Bedford
Take that light
Why the fuck are you slowing down
Feet just hit the ground
Im running to the building,
Running up the stairs
Banging on the door
I know you there

Track Name: Coming Back/Eventide
Sick of rent being 3 months behind
sick of settling for 7's till I get a DIME
Sick of owing my engineer like 500
Chaz you cant get the files, Until you pay something
Back to frontin
Here, everyones a star
Shop just to look more important than you are
Back to rap Harassment
get your CD out my chest
Back to posing online as a white racist jerk
go up in chat rooms
and see who says "Nigga" first
Get their address, and show up in a fuchsia Hearse
Its not 40 acres and a mule, but it works
Back to plotting to kidnap my boss
Y'all think Im kidding till he come up missing
take him and my co worker thats always snitchin
StunGun their nuts
Till they can't hold their piss in!